Ohio Galaxies FC

Program Overview


The coaching and training staff for Ohio Galaxies FC is one of the best in the area. Our training staff includes USSF
and NSCAA licensed coaches, college coaches and coaches with extensive playing experience both at the collegiate
and professional level. We offer a comprehensive 7 month training program with both indoor and outdoor training
from November - June. Our program is designed for the soccer player who is looking to expand his/her
skill level and compete at a competitive level of play.

Ohio Galaxies teams train at two of the finest soccer facilities in the Midwest: Athletes in Action and Ankeney
Complex. With two full-sized synthetic turf soccer fields and an interchangeable football/soccer field, the AIA
sports complex provides the Ohio Galaxies teams the opportunity to train effectively in the late fall and spring
regardless of weather conditions. Ankeney Park serves as home field for league matches and provides the teams
with excellent grass fields for training in the spring.
The Ohio Galaxies FC program is founded on the principle of providing players with an athletic educational
environment which will promote the development of their soccer skills, foster leadership and sportsmanship while
promoting progressively challenging competition. Our goal is to give each player the athletic and problem solving
abilities that will benefit them throughout life.
For players that are interested in investigaing the opportunity to play college soccer, our staff is equipped to help the player navigate the college soccer landscape, in order to determine the "best fit" for their level of play and their
academic interests.
Ohio Galaxies FC teams participate in a variety of leagues that are selected for the level of competition that is a best
fit for each individual team. Ohio Galaxies FC teams participate in the Buckeye
Premier League, the Ohio South State League (OSSL) the Great Lakes Conference of the USYS National Platform.
Ohio Galaxies FC teams typically play in 5-6 tournaments during the high school club season.
The following is a list of tournaments for OGFC teams for the 2019-2020 club season: Blue Chip College Showcase, NCFC Showcase, Ft. Wayne Indoor Showcase, Ohio Elite College Showcase, Jefferson Cup, Turf Classic, Ohio Galaxies FC College Showcases, Kings Gateway Showcase, Circle City Showcase, Crossroads of America College Showcase, Club Ohio Nike Challenge Cup, adidas Warrior Classic, Creek Classic as well as Ohio South President's Cup and State Cup.

Ohio Galaxies FC teams are invited to participate in two club sponsored tournaments each year, the Ohio Galaxies
FC Showcase in November and the Ohio Galaxies FC Showcase in March. By hosting these tournaments, we are able to
help our families offset some of the cost of club soccer, while also giving our players the opportunity to participate in
quality tournament events in their own backyard without the additional cost of travel.
Ohio Galaxies FC communicates to our players and parents through a variety of means. The ohiogalaxiesfc.com
website provides up-to-date information about events with the organization, as well as, a dedicated webpage for each
team. The team webpage includes a calendar feature and detailed information about upcoming games and
tournaments for the team. The team webpage also includes a team roster and players on each OGFC team have the opportunity to post player profile information which can be a valuable tool for prospective college athletes.
Ohio Galaxies FC utilizes a Constant Contact email communication tool to provide regular
updates to parents and players regarding club events and weekly training schedules throughout the club season. Demosphere online player account management software is utilized by the club to handle online fee
payments and event registration.
Ohio Galaxies FC player fees vary depending on the league(s) and tournaments in which each team participates. The fee includes administration costs, field rental fees, training staff fees, team coach fee, outdoor league fees, referee fees, tournament fees and team coach travel expense. Ohio Galaxies FC offers parents and players opportunities to offset the cost of player fees in 2 ways. The Kroger Rewards Program is a fee credit program in which credits earned through purchases at Kroger stores can be applied to player fees. We also offer players and parents opportunities to work additional volunteer shifts and earn fee credits based on the number of shifts worked throughout the year.
For the 2020-2021 season, OGFC players will train outside twice a week with the team coach and will have an
additional training session each week with the OGFC staff. In the winter, players will train indoors one a week
with the team coach and an additional session each week with an OGFC staff trainer. In the fall, OGFC teams have
a 6 week outdoor training program that runs from early November - mid December. Winter indoor training is a six
week program beginning the third week of January and running through the end of February. Spring outdoor training
is a 12 week program beginning the first week of March and runs through the end of May.
Ohio Galaxies FC recognizes that many factors can impact the transition of players to high school age club soccer
teams, including the OHSAA five player rule and the commitment of players to multiple high school team sports. The
training process will be used to access the player in the following critical area: Technical - receiving, dribbling, passing,
striking the ball, heading; Tactical - speed of thought, speed of play, vision; Additional areas of assessment include -
athleticism, fitness, response to coaching, pure speed. The tryout session will consist of four components: Technical
assessment, Tactical assessment, small-sided games and full-sided games. Our focus is to continually expect the
player to be faced with progressively challenging soccer and our program is committed to constructing
teams each year with players of similar abilities.